8-9-14 Fishing

Went fishing Saturday.  First time this year.   Not sure why I usually fish a lot.  Maybe all the bike riding and preparing for our big ride in British Columbia in early September.  I will make up for it in late September and early October before it freezes.

I have been on this creek since I was 14 years old so I know it well.  Anyway there is this area on the creek that this time of year is full of spawning Dogs, Humpys and Kings and all the Rainbows, Grayling and Dolly Varden that love to eat their eggs.  The fishing is unbelievable and of course I have it all to my self.  Not sure how many trout I caught in the 6 hours I was there, 75 – 100, lost count very early in the day.  All catch and release.

I hike in through the woods on a path I have made over the years.  I don’t usually carry a gun but in this area at this time of the years there are lots of bears feeding on the Salmon.  The woods are thick along the creek so don’t want to startle one without a gun.  Once I am out in the creek fishing it is open so I don’t worry about it.


We float this creek a lot.  This is a bad years for log jams and sweepers.  Had a strange winter big freeze and thaw with lots of snow on the trees.  Trees fell everywhere, blocking trails and the creek.


Looking up stream.


Looking down stream.

This is where one bear has been fishing regularly.  There was a fresh fish it had just been eating.  The bears here are well fed and want to avoid you if they can.  I am sure this one was not far, just back in the woods napping waiting for me to finish my fishing before it started again.  The Dogs hang right under the bank and it can easily catch them.



Gut pile in the middle, lots of flys on it.

An old spawning King.  Did not mean to catch it but it bit.  Lucky I got it in without breaking my line.  The Dogs are much fresher and every time one bit it was a broken line.


It is hard to get fish pictures when you are alone.  There were bigger fish but it is hard to hold them with one hand and operate the camera.  So not to many fish pictures, but here are a few.




Dolly Varden






6-29-14 Float

Got a late start today.  Lazy morning, big breakfast.  We did not get on the river until 2:00 PM.  No time to do much on the way down other than stop for lunch.  Kings were running up, saw about 6 jump on the way down.  Water was high so float went pretty quick, done in about 4 hours.


The River


The float begins.

DSC00134 DSC00140

There used to be an eagle’s nest up river of this one.  It was in a huge old birch tree.  One year the tree fell.  I don’t suppose this one will fall anytime soon.


Eagle Nest



Lunch Time

Every adventure has to have the bear print photo.  There was a regular pathway by the edge of our lunch sandbar.  I am sure there were better prints to photograph but I did not have my reading glasses.  Without color contrast on my camera screen I could not tell what I was photographing.  There are lots of bears around, black and brown.  I’m happy when we don’t see them.  They make me nervous when we do.  Out of site, out of mind (I think that is an old saying).


Bear Print

Back on the river.



Adventure done, back at the lake.


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