Our journey’s end!

September 18 – We arose early, after a fitful night of sleep. Excitement for the day ahead overwhelmed us (at least me)! Our journey would be coming to end today. We would arrive at Antelope Wells, New Mexico at the Mexican border, and our shuttle driver would be there to pick us up.


The sunrise was beautiful. It was a perfect start to the day.



The road, and views, stretched out ahead of us for miles.


Sometimes, we would see mirages in the distance. We actually took a picture of this mountain because we couldn’t believe how it looked. It must be light refraction.


As we neared the border, our excitement peaked!


Today was a bittersweet ride. We were anxious to be home, but sad that our adventure was coming to an end.   When we arrived at the border though, we were all smiles!


As we rode toward our journey’s end, we talked about the places we had been and the people we had met. When I think back on the last 4 months, I do remember the towns we rode through, but I don’t recall them with the vividness that I remember the people. Kimberly and her family at Kluane Lake, Jamie from Carcross, Skipper and Nils in Skagway, Ryan, Bene and Don on Vancouver Island, Ann, Jeff and Jessica from Vancouver, our riding partner on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail Yogi Peter, Lisa and her family in Kimberly, Tony and Kristen (fellow Divide cyclist from Salida), Clay Frick (fellow Divide cyclist from Haines), Jos and Magda (Divide cyclists from the Netherlands), Michael Hill (Divide cyclist from Calgary), Kirsten from Brush Mountain Lodge, Barbara Nye and her wonderful cabin for cyclists, Nita in Pietown, Jeff from Hachita, and many, many other wonderful souls who made this adventures so special. The camaraderie and kindness of these friends and strangers did much to enhance my faith in the wonderful human spirit. I am forever grateful for all the random acts of kindness that were bestowed upon us. Life is extraordinary!


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