7-22-14 Indian to Alyeska & a Hike to the Tram Station

The four of us rode our bikes from Indian to the Alyeska Hotel a 35.2 mile round trip bike ride and then a 2.64 mile hike up to the top of the Tram.  The good news is you can ride the Tram down for free.  Only need a ticket if you are going up.

The bike ride.

The bike ride.

Views along the bike path.

DSC00028 DSC00029


Seagulls and Eagles out on the mud flats.

Hiking Photos

DSC00036 DSC00042 DSC00049


Tram Station, that is where we are heading.


The Trams, they run each way about every 15 minutes.


This guy was awesome. He did rolls and other tricks. He probably made 6 trips while we hiked up. When we got to the top the Tram operator said he was on about his 20th flight.


That is where we started from, the hotel.

Views on the way up.


DSC00064 DSC00044 DSC00043


Continuing up.


After the Tram ride down and ready to ride back to Indian.

Thanks to the Brown Bear Saloon and Hotel at Indian for feeding us at 11:00 PM when we finally got back to our cars.  Food was great and we really appreciated it.


7-20-14 Loon Update

It appears that we lost one Loon baby.   The good news is the survivor appears to be getting bigger and stronger everyday.

DSC00016 DSC00015


Got a fish to feed to the baby.


Getting a fish.

Wish I could figure out the camera better so all the pictures look as good as the next one.


7-13-14 Rabbit Lake

Hiked to Rabbit Lake this afternoon with my awesome wife.  Always more fun when she goes along.  She always thinks she hears big things in the woods, always exciting.

Weather was pretty good.  A cold wind, a few sprinkles of rain, all in all a beautiful day.  Took lots of pictures.  It is a very scenic hike.

The hike starts.

The hike starts.

Views on the way up.

DSC00075 DSC00081 DSC00084 DSC00090

Views of North and South Suicide Peaks.

First glimpse of the south peak.

First glimpse of the south peak.


North and South Suicide Peaks.



The North Peak.


Getting closer to Rabbit Lake.


Rabbit Creek


Rabbit Lake and the North Peak.


Rabbit Lake and the South Peak.

More Rabbit Lake Views.

DSC00144 DSC00121 DSC00135

Then we went over the ridge and looked at McHugh Lake and McHugh Creek Valley down to Turnagain Arm.



One last Rabbit Lake view before we head down.



7-9-14 Little O’malley

We drove to the Glenn Alps parking lot hiked across the valley, up the Little O’malley gully and then down the ridge and back.  Circles are always better than up and back the same way.

Weather was bad, raining hard, some wind at the top.  Not a day to stop and enjoy the views so other than me stoping for pictures we kept moving.  No one else on the peak tonight which was nice.  Around here if you don’t go out in the rain after work you spend a lot of nights inside.


Little O’malley Peak. That is where we are going.


South Fork Campbell Creek


Looking down the creek valley.


Crossed over the creek and heading up.


O’malley Peak. The plan was to walk up the field to the base. It was to wet so we turned and headed down the ridge.



The clouds roll in.



7-8-14 Spencer Loop and Single Track Ride

Dave and I headed out for a ride before dinner.  Up Spencer Loop into the single tracks and back down for beers and another great dinner made by my awesome wife.  Perfect work night evening.


Riding up Spencer Loop. It is a steep climb up from Campbell Creek.

Views from Spencer Loop.


Near Point & Campbell Creek is down in the canyon.


Wolverine Peak in the cloud.



The Yeti SB95 what an awesome bike.

Into the single tracks.




Almost made it across the bridge.



7-5-14 Loons

Started to go on a float but the trail to the creek was blocked with several downed trees.  Had to go back, get the chainsaw and work on the trail for the rest of the day.  Do get some awesome Loon photos at the lake this evening.




If you look close you can see the one carrying a fish to feed to one of the babies.

DSC00044 DSC00047 DSC00049 DSC00078 DSC00102 DSC00116 DSC00093 DSC00119

7-4-14 Loons and the Mountain

Rode to Talkeetna for lunch to today, won’t bore you with the details.  If you want a reminder of what the ride is like look at the 6-28-14 Talkeetna Lunch Ride post.  It was a beautiful clear day so got some great pictures of Mt. McKinley.

However the day started with coffee on the dock and some Loon photos.  We always have a pair of Loons that nest on the lake.  Watching the little ones grow is fascinating.  They start out riding on the parents backs, then they paddle around, next they start diving and swimming under water and by late September they are catching their own fish.  Right now they are in the paddling around stage and being fed whole fish.  The Loons are the last birds to leave in the fall.  Sometime in mid to late October they leave. One day they are here the next gone until spring.

The Loons.




The Mountains.

Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, Mt. McKinley

Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, Mt. McKinley


7-2-14 Near Point Bike and Hike

After work five of us took off on a bike and hike to Near Point.  Near Point is on the front of the ridge one valley north of Wolverine Peak (see the 6-19-14 Wolverine Peak post).  We gathered at the Prospect Heights trail head rode the bikes as far as we could, then hiked on up.  The weather was beautiful, the company great and the views awesome.  The trail was a little wet from all the rain we had lately, but no complaints.  The rain makes everything green.  Afterwards a great dinner and a few beers.  Another perfect night.

The adventure begins, getting ready to ride.

The adventure begins, getting ready to ride.

Ian riding up the trail.

Ian riding up the trail.

And now we are hiking.

And now we are hiking.

Lots of flowers along the way.  The rain makes it happen.

Lots of flowers along the way. The rain makes it happen.

Mt. Susitna (the sleeping lady) views as we continue up.



Downtown Anchorage.

Fire Island, Cook Inlet.

Fire Island, Cook Inlet.

The push to the summit.

The push to the summit.

At the summit with my wonderful wife.

At the summit with my wonderful wife.

Views from the summit.


To the east.


To the north.


To the south.

This is Mt. McKinley in the lower left.  Not that great of a picture.  Once again I had problems seeing the picture in the camera display without my reading glasses.  Not enough contrast for me to really see the shot.  But it give you and idea of just how big the mountain is.  We are 140 miles away, as the crow fly’s.

Mt. McKinley

Mt. McKinley

Heading down.

Heading down.


And one last Mt. Susitna view on the way down.

Mt. Susitna

Mt. Susitna and downtown Anchorage.

6-30-14 Indian to Girdwood

This 27 mile round trip ride has got to be one of the most scenic rides you can take on a bike path near Anchorage.  It is almost non-stop panoramic views along Turnagain Arm.  We ride this path regularly.  About a 30 minute drive from the house, about a 2 hour ride, so all total about 3 hours.  After the ride burgers and a couple of beers.  Perfect for after a work day.

It is often very windy going towards Girdwood but that just means the ride back is easier.  Black bears are pretty common.  Probably see one every other ride.  Not tonight though, that works for me.  Not that many people usually, only saw four other riders tonight.


The beginning and ending in Indian.



Heading down the hill to Bird Creek.


The views across Turnagain Arm.




Then up the hill for even better views.






DSC00218 DSC00215 DSC00214       DSC00199

Mt. Alyeska, the ski resort.  Almost time to turn around and head back.DSC00224